Greenhouse 2013 Presentations by surname

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Lisa Alexander Global increasing trends in annual maximum daily precipitation

Lisa Alexander Extreme events: past, present and future

Ian Allison Current changes and trends to the ice and snow on Earth

Graeme Anderson Turning "Models" into "Meaningful" - so what's the story?

Julie Arblaster Near and long-term projections of climate change

Bryson Bates Some Challenges in Climate Change Impact Assessment

Tom Beer Climate Variability, Climate Change, Climate Risk and Sustainability

Jonas Bhend Intercomparison of different methods to produce probabilistic regional climate change projections for Australia

Nathan Bindoff Human influences on the Climate System

Simon Borlace More extreme swings of the South Pacific Convergence Zone due to greenhouse warming

Colin D Butler Climate change adaptation: a mirage that threatens to trap us in dry sand

Pep Canadell The intensification of the carbon cycle and requirements for climate stabilization

Richard E. Chandler Rglimclim: a multivariate, multisite daily weather generator for climate change impact studies

Richard E Chandler Spatio-temporal rainfall trends in southwest Western Australia

John Clarke Development of the Australian Climate Futures web-tool: Facilitating understanding and production of application-ready datasets

Sarah M Cole Creating and using trust to communicate climate information among farming peers: a case study with Australia’s Climate Champion farmers

Liese Coulter Involving end-users from the start: Climate adaptation stakeholders and NCCARF research

Tim Cowan Future projections of heatwaves across southern Australia from CMIP5 models

Mary Crawford Future Farm Landscapes – a new approach for engaging farmers in planning for climate change

Rebecca Darbyshire Road Blocks to Assessing Climate Impacts on Temperate Perennial Fruit

Rebecca Darbyshire Crossing the threshold: Adaptation tipping points for Australian fruit trees

Andrew J Dowdy CMIP5 projections of extreme weather associated with extratropical cyclones in eastern Australia

Marie Ekstrom What are the value(s) of downscaling?

Susannah Eliott From the lab bench to the front bench: Communicating policy-relevant climate science - the media

David Etheridge Variability in the carbon cycle over the past millennium

Cäcilia M Ewenz Our cities will feel the heat in a changing climate

Paul Fraser Global and Australian synthetic greenhouse gas (SGG) emissions: mitigation challenges and opportunities

Carsten S Frederiksen Changes and Projections in the Annual Cycle of the Southern Hemisphere Circulation,Storm Tracks and southern Australian Rainfall

Chris Gerbing Listening. Engaging. Delivering: User L.E.D. Australian climate change projections 2014.

Julia Grant From the lab bench to the front bench: Communicating policy-relevant climate science - policy making

Graham Green Water Resources in South Australia: How much change will we need to adapt to?

Dale Grey Is earlier wheat sowing the right adaptation strategy for all of Victoria?

Michael R Grose Southern Slopes – the climate change story for southeast Australia and Tasmania

Liz Hanna Microclimates and heat islands: Climate change exacerbates occupational heat exposures for Australian workers

Paul Hardisty The Benefits of Early Action to Build National Resilience

Peter Hayman Applying climate science in SA: lessons from the last decade

Trevor Hobbs Carbon Sequestration from Revegetation in Agricultural Landscapes

Steven G Holden Wheat Production Under A Changing & Variable Climate

Agata A Imielska Trends in rainfall and temperature extremes in the Pacific

Christian Jakob Are our climate models getting better and how do we know?

Ingrid Johnston Coping with extreme weather events on remote islands - experiences on outer islands of Fiji and Tonga

Rachel M Law Modelling the Carbon Cycle in the Australian Community Climate and Earth System Simulator

Taryn Mangelsdorf Witnessing Change – A Local Perspective

Simon Marsland 20th Century Climate of the ACCESS Ocean Model under Co-ordinated Ocean-ice Reference Experiments

Supriya Mathew Clever Councils: the Climate Adaptation decision support Tool for Local Governments (CATLog)

Simon McGree Trends and variability in total and extreme temperature and rainfall in the western Pacific

Aurel Moise Climate Change Projections for Tropical Australia

Timothy Naish Looking back to the future: Paleoclimate perspectives on climate projections

Craig Neumann Future Farm Industries: Evaluating and Developing Woody Crop Species

Rachel Pears Working with Great Barrier Reef fishing industries to prepare for change

Sarah Perkins Historical projections heat waves over Australia in the CESM model

Sheryn Pitman Green Infrastructure: life support for human habitats

Andy Pitman Climate System Science: where do we go in the future?

David Post Key findings from the South Eastern Australian Climate Initiative

Scott Power IPCC AR5 WG1 Chapter 11 -Near-term Climate Change: Projections and Predictability

Scott Power Deluge, death and destruction down under

Ariaan Purich Autumn precipitation trends over Southern Hemisphere midlatitudes as simulated by CMIP5 models

Harun A Rashid Impact of a strong radiative forcing on tropical climate variability modes as simulated by two versions of the ACCESS Coupled Model 

Steve Rintoul Oceans and Sea Level: Past and Future Change

Justin Sexton Simulations of Sugarcane Yields for Increased CO2 Concentrations in Mackay, Australia

Aimée Slangen Projecting twenty-first century regional sea-level changes using CMIP5

Will Steffen The Climate Commission: Engaging Australians on Climate Change

Thomas Stocker IPCC Assessment Released: Climate Change 2013

Elisabeth Thompson Climate and Oceans Support Program in the Pacific alignment with Regional Climate Frameworks and Policies

Mark Thyer Improving climate change adaption through robust hydrological modelling

Bronte Tilbrook Sea-air CO2 fluxes in the Southern Ocean: 1990–2009

Bertrand Timbal The Victorian Climate Initiative (VicCI)

Bertrand Timbal Recent trends and future climate projections across the Murray Basin

Nigel Tomkins Determining methane emissions from beef cattle in Australia’s northern rangelands: is there an easier way?

Simon Torok Welcome to the Anthropocene: From concept to making it real

Lynne Turner Improved climate information to support regional NRM planning in the Central Slopes Cluster

Lynne Turner The role of climate data in decisions and indecision

Peter van Rensch Indo-Pacific teleconnections to Australian summer rainfall: Interactions and nonlinearity

Erik Van Sebille Changes in the East Australian Current and its implications for marine ecosystems

Rob Vertessy Managing water resources in a changing climate

Ashley Wallace Mitigating N2O emissions from broadacre cropping: & challenges of an integrated program of research, demonstration and communication

Guomin Wang Detection and attribution of temperature and rainfall changes using CMIP5 models over the tropical Pacific

Andrew Watkins Case study: The Bureau of Meteorology's Annual Climate Summary 2012 video

Ian G Watterson Future Tropical Sst Changes and their Teleconnection to Australian Rainfall.

Leanne Webb Effect of ambient temperature and humidity on hospital admissions for cardiovascular disease among Indigenous and non-Indigenous populations in the Northern Territory, Australia

Leanne Webb Impacts of climate change on the Australian wine industry: Research perspective

Jennifer Whelan Synoptics and Climate Dynamics over Australia during Extreme ENSO Events: A Case Study

Penny Whetton Climate Change Projections to support Natural Resource Management Planning in Australia

Claire M Williams Trends in Local and Remote Climate Drivers and Their Effect on South Australian Rainfall

Alex Wonhas It’s the economics, stupid (or a techno-economic perspective on the transition to a low emissions energy sector)

David Wratt From Science to Policy and Back Again: Reflections on the Impacts of the IPCC’s Fourth Assessment

Xuebin Zhang Projection of subtropical gyre circulation changes and associated sea level changes in the Pacific based on CMIP3 and CMIP5 climate models

Tilo Ziehn Designing an Optimal Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Network for Australia